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September 23, 2011 / LoveForSeketle

Memorial Service Today

Just a reminder that the memorial service for Seketl’e will be at Rabbit Creek Church today, September 23 at 3:30 p.m.


3401 Rabbit Creek Road
Anchorage, AK 99516-4011

September 16, 2011 / LoveForSeketle

9.14.11 – From Lena // What you can do!

Many are asking what they can do to help. Here are two tangible things you can do to help now: donate blood and become an organ donor. Our son received multiple transfusions each day we were in the hospital thanks to people who donated to the blood bank, and had things turned out differently, he may have survived thanks to an organ donor. If you are able, please consider this.

September 16, 2011 / LoveForSeketle

9.16.11 – From MOH

Lena and Torin are coming home tonight with Seketl’e’s ashes. At home we usually have a few days to sit with the family before a funeral; to sing, pray, eat, drink tea/coffee, tell stories, laugh, cry, etc. Although a date is not pinned down yet for his service, Moh and EJ’s house will be open to anyone that would like to come be with them Saturday and Sunday 3-7ish pm. Bring a snack to share if you like, your drum/guitar, song lyrics, rosary beads, candles, inspirational readings, anything else you think would be good ūüôā

September 14, 2011 / LoveForSeketle

9.14.11 – From David Hoffman

Dear family and friends,

We have received huge support and comfort from your E-mails and postings and  knowing that you and your families were moving through this journey with us.

We are all in a bit of a daze now from Seketl’e’s death, but the experience of receiving so much love and support from so many people has been life-changing.  The last 12 days in Seattle have been the most profound of my life. I truly saw the best in how people can treat one another,  both from the medical staff, from family, from friends and from strangers.

I am just in awe at the character and strength of Seketl‚Äôe ‚Äės parents Torin and Lena Jacobs and Lena‚Äôs sister Margaret David.¬† ¬†I am so proud of my two girls.¬† They are two years apart, went to college together and are always present and strong for one another. ¬†Margaret was here for most of the 13 day ordeal and her 6 month old daughter Manu was with us through it all, including the last 13 hours in the ICU room.¬† Manu was a huge comfort and Margaret continues to astound me with her inner peace, her strength and her powerful competence.

Torin has only been my son-in-law for a little over a year, but I now truly know this man and I admire him so much —¬† Marine-tough and a tender heart.¬† My daughter is so lucky to have him and so am I.

Lena has given me inspiration beyond what I can possibly express.  Watching her, I was honored to witness the most profound love,  breathtaking poise, endless grace and the most heart-wrenching sobs I have ever heard.  To know her is to know what a life fully lived looks like.

I feel special gratitude for my  sister Carolyn, the rock of my life, who came from Portland twice for several days and was my personal guardian angel.   Also, my sister Patty came over from Spokane yesterday and she and her daughter Liz were wonderful.  Dewey came to Seattle Monday night, just a few hours after he heard of baby’s death;  he has been a real  comfort.

Life is so good and people can be so noble.  I feel so honored to have so many amazing people in my life.  Amidst this unspeakable tragedy, I feel overwhelming gratitude for what life has given me.



– David

September 13, 2011 / LoveForSeketle

Where do you live?

There’s no doubt Seketl’e, in his four short weeks of life, has touched more lives than many of us ever will. In attempt to get even a smidgen of an idea of the vastness of the impact this little life has had, please leave a comment here and tell us what part of the world you’re in. If you’ve been praying for Seketl’e, sending the family love and good thoughts, or supporting them in any way, let us know where you’re from by leaving a comment here.
Thanks ‚̧

September 12, 2011 / LoveForSeketle

Seketl’e Ut’an Jacobs // 8.13.2011 – 9.12.11

One day short of his 1 month birthday, Seketl’e Ut’an Jacobs was taken home by our heavenly Father. Requesting continued support to the family through prayers, positive energy, and notes of sympathy, solace, and encouragement.

Though we may not be there with them, let’s surround them with enough love and support to bridge the distance between us.

September 12, 2011 / LoveForSeketle

8:36 am – New Address

If you wish to send a note to the family, their new address is:

Seketl’e Jacobs

Room 202

Ronald McDonald House

5000 40th Ave. NE

Seattle, WA 98105